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Glassware Price List

Listed below is the price list for our Glassware products.

Glassware Price List

Wine Glasses $6.00
Fluted Glasses $6.00
Beer Glasses $8.00
Beer Mugs $8.00
Red Neck Mug $8.00
Large Beer Mug $10.00
Super Beer Mug $18.00
Shot Glasses $3.50
Coffee Mugs $8.00
On The Rock Glasses $8.00
Votive Holders $8.00
Irish Coffee Mug $8.00
SS Flask (1 oz.) $7.00
SS Flask (6 oz.) $12.00
SS Flask (8 oz.) $14.00

Prices include glass and engraving.

Taxes are not included.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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